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Packing size: 25kg /500kg/1000kg

Potassium Nitrate---B+ (12-0-44+0.5 B)
PRIMEFER Potassium Nitrate B+ is a crystalline/powder fertilizer with a high degree of purity and solubility, this formula specially with Boron, it helps to correct boron Nutrient deficiency, and effectively improve fruit setting and prevent flower and fruit abortion.
Free of chloride, sodium and any other harmful elements for the plant. This product is specially suitable for the middle and late stage of the life cycle of crops that require Potassium , micro elements .
PRIMEFER Potassium Nitrate TE+ ensures maximum assimilation of the nutrients by the plants. The use of this product enables to obtain quantitatively and qualitatively high productions with a more intense coloring and a higher sugar, flavor and aroma content. It also increases the plants' resistance to environmental stress conditions.
Fertigation, foliar application for all crops. 
Packing size:
25kg /500kg/1000kg

N as Nitrate


K as K2O




B 0.5%
PH 6.0-8.5
Moisture 0.2%
Insolubles 0.1%